A worker working the wheel of the car

You won't even have to imitate the sound

You can't expect your car problems to be fixed if you don't know what they are.

A worker holding the wrench

Know what is going on so we can to fix it

There was a time when fixing automotive issues involved a period of trial and error and a certain element of luck. Of course, tremendous skill went in to listening to and feeling a car and deciphering the problem. Fairly often, however, problems went undetected.

Now you can feel confident that your car's problems will be found the first time we check it, rather than later when the issues may have gotten worse. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes diagnostics not only simpler, but precise and accurate.

Trust our ASE certified technicians to utilize computerized diagnostic tools and specialized equipment to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your vehicle so we can offer effective repair solutions.

Your check engine light really does mean check engine

Your car knows when something is wrong – and it will do its best to let you know, too. When your check engine or transmission light comes on, it is time to bring your car in. We offer:

  • Computer-aided diagnostics
  • Transmission diagnostics
  • Check engine light issue diagnostics

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